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Une histoire - Entretien avec Christine Macel, Conservatrice en chef chez Centre Pompidou

Une histoire, Art, architecture et design des années 1980 à nos jours est l'exposition en cours au Centre Pompidou, sous la direction de Christine Macel. Une nouvelle présentation des collections contemporaines du Musée national d'art >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 16/03/2015 - Comments (1)
Charlotte Bank & Delphine Leccas

Recently involved in curating the Mediterranea 16 Biennial in Ancona (Italy) and currently engaged in preparations for the Visual Arts Festival Damascus (Siria), the historians of art and curators Charlotte Bank and Delphine >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)
Elena Cologni - Visual artist and researcher, active in interdisciplinary and participatory practices.

By choosing to live in England, Elena Cologni has tranformed her condition as foreigner into a transitory site for critical thinking and making. This being not only a starting point, but also a tool for redefining her own identity. Her art >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
Isabella Bordoni, Interprète de la relation entre l'écriture, le corps et le paysage.

Le projet: REFUGEE. Stati d'esilio|Epifanie [2011- 2014]. S'il est possible et juste de resumer un projet que l'on ne connaît qu'en partie et dont l'autre partie est in fieri, je dirais que Refugee est né de l'urgence d'habiter le seuil >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
Thomas Kilpper

Using recycled materials isn’t a must or a dogma, but of course our present, high-consumption mode of production is not what I aim for. Re-using materials – sometimes considered ‘waste’ – is something I quite like for several reasons: >>>

in Art - Arts by francesca boenzi on 03/02/2012 - Comments (0)
Emilia Badalà - Grammophon

"Grammophon" ist eine multimediale Installation in der die Lehre der Zeichendeutung der sogenannte semantische Charakter stark ausgeprägt ist: In einem Körper existieren zur selben Zeit verschiedene Organe, zusammengesetzt aus der subtilen >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 29/01/2011 - Comments (0)
Rosaria Iazzetta – Représentations visuelles de la Camorra

Le 14 octobre 2009, les artistes Rosaria Iazetta et Iolanda Napolitano ont présenté à travers différents média la relation entre la représentation donnée par la pop culture sur la Camorra et la vie quotidienne à Naples et la région de la >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 21/01/2010 - Comments (0)
Luca Puglia

Produire, raconter, collectionner, c’est ce que je fais depuis que j’ai appris à jouer avec des Caran d’Ache. Mon idée de représentation comporte un cadre traditionnel: je suis intéressé par >>>

in Art - Arts by Arianna Carcano on 18/09/2009 - Comments (0)
The magical mystery tour - Interview with Monica Cuoghi & Claudio Corsello

Monica Cuoghi and Claudio Corsello are two beautiful heads, wide open and tuned on frequencies which are very difficult to catch. Always in search of hidden paths, of places without official mapping, of interstices in ferment. Their art has been >>>

in Art - Arts by luiza samanda turrin on 31/07/2009 - Comments (0)
Critical Run - Thierry Geoffroy

This interview would investigate the true soul and purpose of CRITICAL RUN, to understand it in our time which people becoming more individualist and therefore it is more difficult to aggregate groups trough common ideas.

in Art - Arts by guernica on 23/07/2009 - Comments (0)
From zero to zero - a conversation with Daniele Puppi

A new project by Daniele Puppi at Galleria Vistamare by Benedetta Spalletti, in Pescara, interprets the whole building of the exhibition space as a starting material for a discourse that seems to be entirely interested on the viewer's perception. >>>

in Art - Arts by Matteo Lucchetti on 14/06/2009 - Comments (0)
Andrea Paganini - The unspeakable.

Paganini uses bitumen, ash, linen-oil, kaolin, rust, fire. The matter at its primary state, superimposed, scratched, mixed in a range of half organic half aleatory colours and impressions.

in Art - Arts by luiza samanda turrin on 12/06/2009 - Comments (0)
Ray Caesar - Mothers, monsters and machines

Ray Caesar is considered one of the key-man of Pop Surrealism, but his collocation in the movement is controversial. The label, on the one hand, fits him like a glove, but on the other hand is a bit reductive. Especially the most used synonym for >>>

in Art - Arts by luiza samanda turrin on 07/04/2009 - Comments (0)

"Follow your passion and go with the flow"
Ein Artikel gemeinsam und über einen der interessantesten und anspruchsvollsten urbanen Künstler aus den Vereinigten Staaten der im städtischen Raum interveniert und es vorzieht seine Kunst in den >>>

in Art - Arts by SuccoAcido on 15/12/2008 - Comments (0)
Sladzana Bogeska - Video Artist

Što znaći da se bide umetnik, e kompleksno prašanje na koe ne može da se dade samo eden odgovor, da se bide umetnik e rezultat na mnogu faktori. Da se bide umetnik pred se znaći da se zeme seriozna i iskrena obvrska >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 03/12/2008 - Comments (0)
Chen Zhen. The inner light of human body

The antinomies of our logical system set darkness against light and soul against body, but if we refuse submitting to the automatism of the opposition, and we perform a dialectical couple-swing, we may see that light and body could function >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 01/11/2008 - Comments (0)
Violeta Caldrés

Entrevista a Violeta Caldrés, artista de Agua.

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 10/09/2008 - Comments (0)
Visual Artist - Stefano Pasquini

Interviewing Stefano Pasquini about Hevent Horizon project and previous works.

"For this project I will use this phrase: FILMIC PERFECTION, MUSICAL HAPPINESS"

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 20/06/2008 - Comments (0)

“I’ve decided to use the label urban-art which in my opinion covers graffiti, posters ("street-art"), chalk scribbles, installations or interventions in the urban landscape, as well as certain aspects of photography or >>>

in Art - Arts by SuccoAcido on 26/03/2008 - Comments (0)
Fabrizio Ajello, libretti di lavoro

Materiale urbano di scarto, sottratto alla combustione, salvato dal disfacimento, osservato in un angolo, per terra, avvicinato per curiosità. L’avvio del progetto consiste in un ritrovamento: l’artista attinge alle suggestioni >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 16/12/2006 - Comments (0)
Fabio Savagnone: city from below

Fabio Savagnones’ photo cycle we are publishing in this section is called city from below .
It symbolizes and represents a kind of displacement.

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 16/02/2006 - Comments (0)
Joan Fabian

Hi my Friends! Succoacido Art continues to travel around the Art World…this time we met Joan Fabian…she was born in Chicago but today lives at San Antonio (Texas)! We show you our conversation…we talk about their work and our >>>

in Art - Arts by SuccoAcido on 16/01/2006 - Comments (0)
Pieter Zandvliet

Hello my Friends… Are you ready to go to Holland? Well! Last days, We made an excursion to the Windmill’s land….we cross a field of tulips, wearing wooden-sabots and red aprons…. However, stop to tell bloody nonsense! >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 17/09/2005 - Comments (0)
Kasper Stromman

At the moment Kasper is trying to live on a diet consisting of bananas, coffee and chocolate alone, which may or may not be the source of his creativity.

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 17/05/2005 - Comments (0)
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