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  Art - Arts - Interview
Charlotte Bank & Delphine Leccas

Recently involved in curating the Mediterranea 16 Biennial in Ancona (Italy) and currently engaged in preparations for the Visual Arts Festival Damascus (Siria), the historians of art and curators Charlotte Bank and Delphine Leccas have talked with us about their research across European and the Middle East Art. Charlotte lives and works between Berlin and Geneva (and until 2011 Damascus) focusing her work on modern and contemporary art from the Middle East with a special emphasis on the independent contemporary art scene since 2000 in its global context. A researcher at the University of Geneva, she also curates exhibitions and video and film programs. In 2012 she launched the FORUM for new arab art in Berlin, a project that is conceived as a series of events focusing on recent artistic production from the Arab countries and diaspora. Delphine, born in Paris, lives nomadically. She is the co-founding member of AIN association, created to support contemporary art. >>>

by Costanza Meli in Art - Arts on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)
  Art - Art Reviews - Article
Venezia 2013. Una Biennale, tante domande

Ho intitolato questa riflessione Venezia 2013 poiché è di un luogo e di un tempo che intendo parlare, non di un singolo evento, né di una mostra soltanto. Un luogo e un tempo precisi, solcati dall’esperienza della visione, dell’ascolto, della lettura, in una settimana di manifestazioni e inaugurazioni tra le calli veneziane. Un luogo e un tempo determinati, dicevo, ma attraversati dal conflitto aperto tra le tendenze opposte della definizione e della domanda. Di definizione si può parlare in modi diversi e a vari scopi. Uno di questi è rappresentato, qui a Venezia, dalle esigenze di chi, curando una mostra, si vede obbligato alla costruzione di un teorema che fermi la reazione a catena di un processo incline a sfuggire al suo controllo, anche solo per le molteplici finestre che apre. Ma di definizione si deve parlare anche in senso contrario, in riferimento alla pressione della realtà immanente che ferma il presente o la storia inchiodandoli ad un’urgenza. Quel reale che brucia, >>>

by Costanza Meli in Art - Art Reviews on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)
  Art - Art Places - Article
Komplot, curatorial collective and art space based in Brussels - Interview with Sonia Dermience

In SuccoAcido’s years-long quest in search for - independent, non-profit, interdisciplinary - Art Places, Komplot in Brussels stands out as a very interesting model of collective management. One of its most defining elements is mentioned in the project’s concept: Komplot is a curatorial collective interested in the mutual cross-pollination between private, public and institutional spaces. We could even call it a “privately owned public space” since the space itself has been entrusted by the owner – a collector – to a group of young artists and curators who, since 2002, have made it the home of the most diverse activities (artistic, editorial, didactical). Their work spans from curating contemporary art exhibitions and festivals to publishing a magazine (Year), to the institution of an actual Public School – alas, a project currently on hiatus that stood as a model of a platform for sharing knowledge inspired by the American example of Telic Art Exchange. In such a >>>

by Costanza Meli in Art - Art Places on 28/03/2013 - Comments (0)
  Art - Arts - Interview
Elena Cologni - Visual artist and researcher, active in interdisciplinary and participatory practices.

By choosing to live in England, Elena Cologni has tranformed her condition as foreigner into a transitory site for critical thinking and making. This being not only a starting point, but also a tool for redefining her own identity. Her art revolves around issues of memory and perception, and by investigating personal and subjective aspects of these, through an open analysis of her own experience, this in turn gives her a particular view on how to adopt collaborative strategies by looking at collective dynamics and methods. Elena Cologni's intellectual and interdisciplinary artistic career evolves through undertaking periods of study, and meeting with professionals within both the art and academic worlds, the artist engages with as active researcher, also by establishing collaborations with indifferent disciplines. From our interview arises the portrait of an artist constantly experimenting with, and re-inventing, her own very presence in front of the public. Cologni ultimately aims >>>

by Costanza Meli in Art - Arts on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
  Art - Arts - Interview
Isabella Bordoni, Interprète de la relation entre l'écriture, le corps et le paysage.
by Costanza Meli in Art - Arts on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
  Art - Art Places - Article
Connecting Cultures. Agenzia di ricerca non profit per l’arte contemporanea - 
Focus sul progetto Milano e oltre.
by Costanza Meli in Art - Art Places on 07/12/2012 - Comments (0)


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