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  Art - Art Knowledges - Interview
Interview with Boris Groys

Boris Groys is a key contemporary German thinker and writer, his reflections on contemporary art developed in some important essays like Art Power (2008); Going Public (2010); Introduction to Antiphilosophy and Under Suspicion: A Phenomenology of Media (2012).
We had the opportunity to discuss with Boris Groys some aspects of these books. Some of these topics constitute a core theme that also substantiates both the subsequent philosophical and curatorial productions of the author, as for as Utopia. In the introduction of Going Public, for instance, Boris Groys refers to the aesthetic experience “of a utopian vision that could lead away from present conditions to a new society in which beauty reigns”. In the essay on modern design and its reductionism at the beginning of the twentieth century, however, he speaks of the “redesigning the old man into the New Man”. A project that today “continues to have an >>>

  Art - Art Places - Article
FRAC et bulles. Le musée aujourd'hui, entre l'art et le champagne
by Costanza Meli in Art - Art Places on 15/07/2014 - Comments (2)
  Art - Arts - Interview
Charlotte Bank & Delphine Leccas

Recently involved in curating the Mediterranea 16 Biennial in Ancona (Italy) and currently engaged in preparations for the Visual Arts Festival Damascus (Siria), the historians of art and curators Charlotte Bank and Delphine Leccas have talked with us about their research across European and the Middle East Art. Charlotte lives and works between Berlin and Geneva (and until 2011 Damascus) focusing her work on modern and contemporary art from the Middle East with a special emphasis on the independent contemporary art scene since 2000 in its global context. A researcher at the University of Geneva, she also curates exhibitions and video and film programs. In 2012 she launched the FORUM for new arab art in Berlin, a project that is conceived as a series of events focusing on recent artistic production from the Arab countries and diaspora. Delphine, born in Paris, lives nomadically. She is the co-founding member of AIN association, created to support contemporary art. >>>

by Costanza Meli in Art - Arts on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)


Art News - Exhibitions
Ogni dente ha un suo odore - Dario Molinaro
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Cosimo - Lorenzo Terranera
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En jouant avec les images
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Tra due fuochi - Nicola Vitale
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Antologia Rossa - Pino Pinelli
Art News - Art Fairs
Salon Paris Beaux-Arts 2015 / SNA
Art News - Exhibitions
“Laboratorio: Memoires - Archivio/Opere della Sala 1” | César Baracca
Art News - Video
Driant Zeneli, When Dreams Become Necessity,Trilogy (2009 - 2014)

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