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Art - Art Knowledges
Interview with Boris Groys

Boris Groys is a key contemporary German thinker and writer, his reflections on contemporary art developed in some important essays like Art Power (2008); Going Public (2010); Introduction to Antiphilosophy and >>>

Art - Art Places
FRAC et bulles. Le musée aujourd'hui, entre l'art et le champagne

Reims, France. Une citoyenne, connaisseuse et amateur d'art, envoie une lettre de désapprobation au Ministère de la Culture français et à la direction du FRAC Champagne-Ardenne. Dans cette lettre on y trouve l’indignation d’une personne >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 15/07/2014 - Comments (2)
Art - Arts
Charlotte Bank & Delphine Leccas

Recently involved in curating the Mediterranea 16 Biennial in Ancona (Italy) and currently engaged in preparations for the Visual Arts Festival Damascus (Siria), the historians of art and curators Charlotte Bank and Delphine >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)
Art - Art Reviews
Venezia 2013. Una Biennale, tante domande

Ho intitolato questa riflessione Venezia 2013 poiché è di un luogo e di un tempo che intendo parlare, non di un singolo evento, né di una mostra soltanto. Un luogo e un tempo precisi, solcati dall’esperienza della visione, dell’ascolto, della >>>

in Art - Art Reviews by Costanza Meli on 22/07/2013 - Comments (1)
Art - Art Places
Komplot, curatorial collective and art space based in Brussels - Interview with Sonia Dermience

In SuccoAcido’s years-long quest in search for - independent, non-profit, interdisciplinary - Art Places, Komplot in Brussels stands out as a very interesting model of collective management. One of its most defining elements is mentioned in the >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 28/03/2013 - Comments (0)
Art - Arts
Elena Cologni - Visual artist and researcher, active in interdisciplinary and participatory practices.

By choosing to live in England, Elena Cologni has tranformed her condition as foreigner into a transitory site for critical thinking and making. This being not only a starting point, but also a tool for redefining her own identity. Her art >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
Art - Arts
Isabella Bordoni, Interprète de la relation entre l'écriture, le corps et le paysage.

Le projet: REFUGEE. Stati d'esilio|Epifanie [2011- 2014]. S'il est possible et juste de resumer un projet que l'on ne connaît qu'en partie et dont l'autre partie est in fieri, je dirais que Refugee est né de l'urgence d'habiter le seuil >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 26/03/2013 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Places
Connecting Cultures. Agenzia di ricerca non profit per l’arte contemporanea - 
Focus sul progetto Milano e oltre.

Un modello di progettazione indipendente ma integrata nel contesto istituzionale; un progetto basato sulla ricerca e sull’approccio multidisciplinare al tema del paesaggio e del territorio visti in chiave culturale e artistica; una proposta di >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 07/12/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Knowledges
Interview with Anna Detheridge: visual arts theorist, critic, President of the cultural association Connecting Cultures

Our interview with Anna Detheridge has a double value: not only it is an in-depth examination of the themes we touched upon in our focus on "Milano e Oltre" - a project created and developed by the Connecting Cultures group, which Anna herself >>>

Art - Environments
Cuore di pietra - A Public Art project for Pianoro - Interview with Mili Romano

Our focus on Cuore di Pietra falls in line with a strong interest we have in those italian projects born locally and representing the most diverse aspects of their territory in a site specific approach. The work of Mili Romano, artist and >>>

in Art - Environments by Costanza Meli on 07/12/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Web-Gallery
Es / Enrico Fedrigoli

L'incontro tra Eleonora Sedioli di Masque Teatro e il fotografo di scena Enrico Fedrigoli ha dato vita a una bellissima sequenza di scatti eseguiti con la tecnica del banco ottico ed esposti a Forlì durante i giorni del festival Crisalide XIX.

in Art - Art Web-Gallery by SuccoAcido on 05/12/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Places
Open Systems - a non profit art project based in Vienna

The following interview is the result and synthesis of an exchange – started in 2009 – between Succoacido and Gulsen Bal, curator and contemporary art theorist and also founder of the non-profit Open Space in Vienna. The Open Space project was >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 04/09/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Web-Gallery
Giuliano Pastori

Painting - mixed media - installation.

Art - Environments
Los mapas como interpretaciones críticas de la ciudad. Entrevista a Rogelio López Cuenca

En este artículo vamos a observar el ejemplo de acercamiento al espacio público desarrollado por un artista, Rogelio López Cuenca, que desde hace muchos años lleva a cabo un estudio histórico-antropológico sobre el tema de ciudad. Por lo tanto, >>>

in Art - Environments by Costanza Meli on 02/05/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Places
The small Museum of Migrations in Lampedusa

The Museum of Migrations could be a first piece to lead Lampedusa’s development along a purposeful path, instead of leaving it to randomness: it could be an example to the whole world, seeing integration as an inevitable, but nonetheless rightful >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 08/03/2012 - Comments (1)
Art - Arts
Thomas Kilpper

Using recycled materials isn’t a must or a dogma, but of course our present, high-consumption mode of production is not what I aim for. Re-using materials – sometimes considered ‘waste’ – is something I quite like for several reasons: >>>

in Art - Arts by francesca boenzi on 03/02/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Places
Castelbuono: museo, arte e intercultura.

Un esempio tra i pochi, nel sud Italia, di una politica museale volta allo sviluppo integrato della ricerca storica e della cultura attuale, con un’attenzione spiccata per i processi socio-politici che connettono la dimensione locale del >>>

in Art - Art Places by Costanza Meli on 02/01/2012 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Reviews
“Learning Machines. Art Education and Alternative Production of Knowledge”

Starting from the study of student movements emerged in the 60's, at the behest of autonomous self-governing organizations leaded by students replaced the hierarchical and institutionalized school education system, and from the analysis of the >>>

Art - Art Reviews
From Marrakesh to Palermo: a migration of meanings.

For its second set up in Palermo, this experimental proposal aims at reactivating the artworks in the specificity of a museum while keeping them active out of its borders.

Art - Arts
Emilia Badalà - Grammophon

"Grammophon" ist eine multimediale Installation in der die Lehre der Zeichendeutung der sogenannte semantische Charakter stark ausgeprägt ist: In einem Körper existieren zur selben Zeit verschiedene Organe, zusammengesetzt aus der subtilen >>>

in Art - Arts by Costanza Meli on 29/01/2011 - Comments (0)
Art - Architecture
La Biennale Architettura - Venezia 2010

People meet in Architecture (la gente incontra l’architettura) è il titolo della XII Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia. Mai come ora il titolo di una Biennale è stato così chiaro ed esplicativo. >>>

in Art - Architecture by Irene Marotta on 17/11/2010 - Comments (0)
Art - Environments
Marinella Senatore e Zafos Xagoraris - ETICO_F

Le riflessioni di Marinella Senatore e Zafos Xagoraris rappresentano il punto di vista di due degli artisti coinvolti nel progetto ETICO_F, cinque movimenti sul paesaggio, a cura di Daniela Bigi per il Museo Riso di Palermo, che abbiamo recensito >>>

in Art - Environments by Costanza Meli on 10/10/2010 - Comments (0)
Art - Environments
ETICO_F Cinque movimenti sul paesaggio

"Museo diffuso", "arte contemporanea nel territorio", "paesaggio" e "interpretazione". Queste sono alcune delle espressioni più ricorrenti nelle diverse presentazioni per la stampa organizzate presso i Comuni di Capo d’Orlando, Ficarra, Enna e >>>

in Art - Environments by Costanza Meli on 03/08/2010 - Comments (0)
Art - Art Fairs & Festivals
Katarina Zdjelar - The Serbian Pavillon at 53 Venice Biennial 2009

The interview of a young and very appreciated artist, who at international level has tested her sensitivity for current issues such as interculturality, translation, crossing of artistic and cultural languages - Having great interest in >>>

Art - Architecture
Space of emptiness, the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas and his agency, the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), create complex, mutable and seemingly disaggregated spaces, where fragmentation is preferred to integrity, dynamic fruition to contemplation, and where the distinction >>>

in Art - Architecture by Irene Marotta on 09/07/2010 - Comments (0)
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