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giuliatalini News.
Italy - Milan - prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
until the 10/03/2016
El Canto del Desierto
Prometeogallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Italy by Sandra Vasquez de la Horra: El canto del desierto. The works, drawings and sculptures evoke popular myths and legends rooted in Afro-Latin American tradition of Yoruba >>>


Italy - Milano - Via G. Ventura, 3
until the 06/11/2015
Maria Evelia Marmolejo - Engagement/ Healing
The show will be retrospective as it will include photographs of her performances since 1981, the only two surviving videos of the 1980s, and recent work. For this exhibition, the artist will present a new, never seen performance, Extractivismo, >>>


Italy - Milano - Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
until the 30/03/2015
Driant Zeneli, When Dreams Become Necessity,Trilogy (2009 - 2014)
What is the most seductive promise of happiness cached behind a general condition of disenchantment? When Dreams Become Necessity investigates the importance of some performative attempts with the aim of redefining the idea of failure, Utopia and >>>


Italy - Milan - PrometeoGallery di Ida Pisani
until the 18/07/2014
Hiwa-K / My Father's color periods
On this occasion, the artist of Iraqi-Kurdish origin proposes an installation where sheets of colored plastic film are applied on16 black & white TV sets.


Italy - Milan - prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
until the 15/01/2014
Jannis Kounellis and Santiago Sierra
Spurred by the same impulse, Jannis Kounellis and Santiago Sierra have accepted the invitation extended by Bruno Corà and Ida Pisani, curators of the exhibition, to display two evocative works in the same environments. Having elaborated a new >>>
Italy - Lucca - Ex Chiesa San Matteo, Piazza San Matteo 3
until the 26/07/2013
Ion Grigorescu - Trauma of the Exposed Body
A cura di Maria Rus Bojan, la mostra ripercorre un importante periodo della sua produzione artistica, presentando una serie di opere realizzate dall’artista alla fine degli anni Settanta, centrate sull’uso performativo del proprio corpo, e lavori >>>


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