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aMAZElab News.
Italy - Bologna - Art Caffè, Arte Fiera Bologna
until the 29/01/2010
Cyprus: Art, Geopolitics, Publishing
he aims of the project lie in the reactivation/nurturing of a common feeling of belonging, and in the transmission of thoughts, opinions, memories, dreams and desires of the people of the two Cypruses independently of the official channels of >>>


Turkey - Istanbul - Platform Euromed
until the 19/12/2009
The forum is organized in three main sessions and intends to answer some important questions: What are the limits of censorship? What does mean freedom of movement of stakeholders in the Euro-Mediterranean sphere (individual, collective and >>>


France - Paris - Galerie de Multiples
until the 20/12/2009
Bill Owens - Riots
First Bill Owens solo exhibition in Paris, a new and unpublished work, that documents the rise of the campus protest movements in San Francisco in 1967/68. Bill Owens has always been involved in socio-anthropological aspects of the American culture >>>


Italy - Milan - Creative Spaace aMAZElab
until the 13/11/2009
Arte, Società e Natura
Nell’ambito della Settimana dell'educazione allo sviluppo sostenibile, indetta dalla CNI UNESCO, aMAZElab propone due momenti di riflessione sul verde urbano e sulla salvaguardia della biodiversità.


Netherlands - Rotterdam - Mirta Demare Gallery
until the 08/11/2009
The first solo exhibition in The Netherlands by Maria Thereza Alves is a project on migration, trade, dynamics of transformation.


Syrian Arab Republic - Aleppo - Old Electric Building
until the 20/10/2009
Invited at the 10th International Photography Festival of Aleppo Claudia Zanfi and Gianmaria Conti will present A Ticket to Baghdad, an ongoing video and photographic project, conceived during a tour in the capital of Iraq, that investigates the >>>


Italy - Iglesias - Chiesetta di San Severino
until the 20/09/2009
The Names of Trees
Franziska & Lois Weinberger, "Fieldwork" - conference and video installation by Franziska & Lois Weinberger. Introduced by Claudia Zanfi.
“The Names of Trees” is a week-long project-event, organised by the Cherimus Association, which aims to >>>


Macedonia - Skopie - Creativity House
until the 06/09/2009
ARCIPELAGO. Art, Geopolitics and Creativity
The event is to be considered a platform to reflect on contemporary social and territorial transformations, and it proposes an experience of great value opened to students and young artists in terms of sharing and knowledge.


Italy - Berchidda - PAV
until the 16/08/2009
THE MIDDLE SEA. Sights and Sounds from the Mediterranean
Through the gaze of some of the key protagonists of international art, THE MIDDLE SEA. Sights and Sounds from the Mediterranean is a journey along the shores of the Mediterranean, the cities, the inhabitants, the territories and the relationships >>>


Greece - Athens - Athens Biennial, Flisvos Venue – Edem Beach
until the 16/06/2009
During the 2nd Athens Biennial, aMAZElab presents Going Public ‘08. Port City Safari, volume that documents the sixth edition of the Going Public project, a journey through some of the most important European and Mediterranean port >>>


Italy - Venezia - Biennale di Venezia. Padiglione Austria
until the 05/06/2009
During the 53rd Venice Art Biennial, aMAZElab presents The Mobile Garden, the first italian publication dedicated to the work of Lois Weinberger, protagonist with Franziska Weinberger of the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial.


Italy - Milano - Triennale
until the 10/05/2009
Giardini Mobili
Il progetto GIARDINI MOBILI di Lois e Franziska Weinberger esposto alla TRIENNALE di Milano è frutto di una serie di laboratori che si sono svolti durante la Primavera 2009, quale parte dell’evento Green Island, realizzato in via Pepe, retro della >>>


Italy - Milano, via Pepe 28 - Laboratorio Costanza Algranti
until the 22/04/2009
Green Island. Giardini Mobili
L’edizione 2009 si incentra su un progetto dedicato all’opera degli “artisti del verde” Lois & Franziska Weinberger (Vienna, Austria). Si tratta del primo progetto di arte pubblica che viene realizzato dai due artisti in Italia, già presenti a >>>


Netherlands - Amsterdam - Galerie Alex Daniels Reflex Amsterdam
until the 14/04/2009
American Fast Forward
The first solo exhibition in The Netherlands dedicated to BILL OWENS, master of photography, author of the famous series “Suburbia”.


Italy - Formigine (MO) - VogueArte
until the 24/01/2009
Diari di viaggio
Fotografie di Nunzio Battaglia


Italy - Palermo - Expa/La Triennale di Milano Off
until the 04/08/2008
Going Public'08. Port City Safari
PORT CITY SAFARI is a journey through some of the main dock cities in Europe and around the Mediterranean, which take part in the initiative with a range of research, exhibition and seminar projects organised by local museum institutions, galleries >>>


Italy - Milano - MiCamera
until the 21/04/2008
Green Island. Piazze, Isole e Verede Urbano
Il progetto GREEN ISLAND è nato per promuovere un evento di approfondimento culturale sulle forme del contemporaneo, un dialogo tra il linguaggio fotografico, architettonico e di design. Nasce dalla necessità di dare una forte progettualità ad ogni >>>


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