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Writing News - Festivals | by SuccoAcido writing in Writing News - Festivals on 18/11/2014- Comments (0)
Stockholm International Poetry Festival
The fes­ti­val ser­ves as a mel­ting pot where the writ­ten word meets music, dance and perfor­mance, and cre­a­tes somet­hing new.
The Stockholm International Poetry Festival, hos­ted at Södra Teatern, Stockholms stadsbibliotek, and the Nobel Museum, springs from a wish for poetry to take new she­pes and direc­tions by giving it a sce­nic expres­sion. The fes­ti­val ser­ves as a mel­ting pot where the writ­ten word meets music, dance and per­for­mance, and cre­a­tes somet­hing new.

Among the par­ti­ci­pants 25–30 November: Abdellah Taïa (Marocko), Serhiy Zhadan (Ukraine), Ioana Nicolaie (Romania), Olga Ravn (Denmark), Julian Brolaski (USA), Kim Hyesoon (Korea) Frida Hyvönen (Sweden), Tomasz Różycki (Poland), Helena Boberg, Robert Fux and Rikard Wolff (Sweden). Founder and Artistic Director: Madeleine Grive. Ukraine is in focus this year, with par­ti­ci­pa­tion of seve­ral Ukrainian aut­hors and poets.

Founded in 1997 and inau­gu­ra­ted by Tomas Tranströmer – reci­pi­ent of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 – the Stockholm International Poetry Festival is an annual event orga­ni­zed by 10TAL Magazine. It is the single most recog­ni­zed poetry fes­ti­val in Scandinavia; it is a mee­ting point where inter­na­tio­nal poets are intro­du­ced to the Swedish audi­ence. With the Stockholm International Poetry Festival 10TAL pre­sents the most impor­tant, enga­ging and cre­a­tive poetry being writ­ten in the world today.
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PERIOD: from 25/11/2014 to 30/11/2014
CITY: Stockholm
NATION: Sweden
VENUE: various venues
ADDRESS: Södra Teatern Mosebacke Torg 1–3, 116 46 Stockholm
TELEPHONE: Södra Teatern: 08–531 99 490
INSERTED BY: SuccoAcido writing
Serhiy Zhadan (photo: Kasia Stanisławska)
Frida Hyvönen (photo: Knotan)
Kim Hyesoon (photo: Privat)

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