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Music Links
Afoforomusicclub & Frigorifero Prod
@ Firenze. Afoforomusicclub works since 1989 to create links underwater and connect different worlds - for everyone else! DIY indipendent booking agency, collaborates with Frigorifero Prod. label and many other realities from all over the world. Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti, Achref Chargui, Scott Rosenberg, Gi Gasparin, Shash Jihat and many more! Jacopo Andreini is the boss here, he plays lots of instruments and with such bands as many stars in the sky.

@ Firenze. Founded in Florence Italy in 1993, Audioglobe is based and built upon the enthusiasm and ideals of several young people. Young, dynamic and committed, its main aim is to distribute independent music from all over the world from its base in Italy. After 10 years in the business, Audioglobe is now one of the leading distributors in the Italian independent area with more than 200 exclusive labels offering a very wide spectrum from the various trends and genres that constitute the independent record sectors. Audioglobe distributes throughout Italy, their network comprising of indie shops, chain stores, shopping centres and regional / local wholesalers

Circolo Arci Malaussène
@ Palermo. Il Malaussène è una Casa della Sinistra che vuole unire coloro che a Palermo vogliono tornare a essere cittadini attivi e critici. La politica che conosciamo ci ha abituati a confondere le elezioni con la partecipazione. La politica che vogliamo ha come presupposto la responsabilizzazione e la partecipazione individuale per vivere collettivamente i nostri spazi.

Dusty Skyn Records

@Castiglione di Ravenna. Dusty Skyn Records è stata fondata da Janpaolo Peritore e nasce da parte delle ceneri della Stonature records. Etichetta nata in Sicilia, ma attualmente in lande romagnole. Tra le band: Tleary, Mandragora, 1,21 Gigawatts, etc...

Fratto9 under the sky records
@ Pavia. Fratto9 under the sky records is also a tribute in memory of Al Aprile, constantly up-to-date journalist, very expert of the international music scene, a sensible collector of records, magazines and rock memorabilia, a disc-jockey and radio programmer, among the early founders of Radio Popolare in Milano, attentive concert-goer, but constantly attentive to all new trends in music creation and in the music business.

Giacomo Sferlazzo
@ Lampedusa. Giacomo Sferlazzo has the force to live with all the contradictions of the modern times’ man. He’s old and actual, he’s sage as an old man and crazy like a young boy, spontaneous and meditative, he shouts and whispers, he’s solitary and family-man. Songwriter of course and in primis, but also social activist, film festival’s organiser, painter, sculptor, poet, vegetarian, anarchist.

@ Ravenna. Close your eyes. You may think Satan is singing. Open them: you’ll a small masked woman, with dreadlocks down the her ankles, and without vocal effects. Close your eyes again: you’ll think of a heavy metal double kick drum set. Open them again: a gigantic, wrestling masked man is torturino a floor tom, a snare and a cymbal, standing up, no kick. Two people, half gear, enough to bring Hell. This is OvO Bruno Dorella: floor tom, snare, ride. Stefania Pedretti: voice, guitar, bass.

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